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Sveriges Kompassjusterareförbund (Swedish Compass Adjusters Assosiation) represents Sweden's authorized compass adjuster and compass workshops


Due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the Swedish Compass Adjusters Association advises its members not to review compasses or perform compass adjustments on board russian or belarusian ships.

This includes vessels that are registered in-, owned- or controlled by companies or persons in either of the countries or that are subject to international sanctions.

The magnetic compass

All commersial vessels and boats and a lot of the pleasue crafts are equiped with at least one magnetic compass, the compass is designed to align itself with the global magnetic field to display the vessels course to the navigator. The compass is affected by magnetic fields and iron objects onboard the vessel and to function satisfactorily, both the compass and the installation area (binnacle) should undergo regular review, for merchant vessels this is regulated by different rules.. On your leasure boat, you are responsible for this yourself.

To overhaul you compass you must send it to one of our certified compass workshop. The workshop will inspect and test your compass and issue a certificate. Note that some of the workshops also preform reparations.

A compass adjustment if preformed by one of our authorised compass adjustors. The compass adjustor will compensate the deviation att the compass installation place (binnacle) and issue a table of deviation (see below)

The swedish compass adjustors association has been delegated the tast to train and authorize compass andjustors and to certify compass workshops in Sweden since 2003-09-29 by Swedish Maritime Administration (now Swedish Transport Agency) according to decision 070206-03-15540

Read an article from Seaways March 2013 by The Nautical Institute

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